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Cerradura de la puerta

locksmith services 
Free security advice on entrance doors to homes and storage rooms.

You can increase your security by installing:


Anti-bumping locks and cylinders

The bumping technique uses a special master key that is insertedin the lock and after giving a few small blows it allows the internal springs to move and open the door without forcing it and with hardly any noise.
You can easily protect yourself against these types of attacks by installing a good anti-bumping cylinder lock that protects against illegal opening of your door with this widespread method. Increase your security!


Security locks with alarm

These are specialized high security locks with alarm that incorporate the most modern security systems. These generally include ANTI-PRINT protection, ANTI-BUMPING, ANTI-PICK, ANTI-DRILL, ANTI-TURN and others.

These security locks also have an alarm SENSOR capable of detecting intrusion attempts before thieves can enter.


Anti-squatting magnetic shields

A magnetic shield is a high security system that combines the protection of a traditional shield with a shield that prevents any type of vandalism against the cylinder or cylinder. The combination of a security lock with a magnetic shield will allow you to achieve a very high level of security against intrusion attempts of all kinds.
We offer you the installation of a double magnetic security shield for anti-squatter protection

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