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We make all types of works related to paints

We remove the gotelé from your walls, we smooth the walls, we install plaster plates, we design artistic walls. We have many techniques to achieve the results that each client requests. Our goal is that the result is perfect for you:


Plastic paint

Also known as emulsion paint, it is composed of an aqueous emulsion of resins whose drying is done by polymerization. It is a paint widely used indoors and is made up of a vinyl medium and a pigment, in addition to fillers, which are responsible for giving density and body to the mix.


It is used to waterproof, it also gives shine and prevents wear in areas that are usually prone to stains, friction, wear and others. Its application in openings, bathtubs, walls and more is recommended due to its shiny appearance and easy cleaning.


This type of paint contains plasticized material, it is a paint that dries very quickly and when it does it slightly modifies its tone even more than in oil.


If you have problems with humidity or mold that appear on your walls and ceilings due to weather or any other cause, you can avoid this with this type of paint. We know that humidity is very harmful and generates respiratory problems, allergies, muscle pain and more, so it is a problem that must be treated urgently.

Water effects, etc.

Paintings with different effects; water effect, sand, metal, rust, marble and many others.

We provide personalised advice of your work. 

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