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Tips to reinforce the security of the door of your house

Thefts are usually perpetrated through doors or windows. For this reason, reinforcing the security of the entrances to your home is an option that can avoid the occasional scare and will take you little time and money, you just have to follow our advice.

For the windows, there are anti-theft windows and other extra security elements. And what about the doors? It is essential that the main door of your house is as secure as possible to prevent theft.

For this reason, we give you tips and guidelines to reinforce the security of the door of your house, the main place of entry for all, including robberies.

Also, thieves have perfected their techniques to a point that you would be surprised how vulnerable the doors of our houses are.

It is clear that the ideal would be to install an armored door or an armored one with last generation locks, but here we offer solutions to reinforce the door of the house for all tastes and for all budgets.

Analyze to reinforce the door of the house

The first thing is to know where a thief who wants to steal at home would enter, for example, when he detects that you are not there. What are the weak points of the door that make it vulnerable?
Depending on the model, the materials and age will be more or less the vulnerabilities detected. If there are many, you will have to establish priorities or assess whether it is worth the complete change of the door.

Change the lock barrel and install a shield on the barrel

The cylinder of a lock is the heart of the door and one of the elements most forced by a criminal, so if you have a flimsy one, do not hesitate to change it.

It is the metallic cylinder in which the key is inserted. If it is many years old, seriously consider changing it for a last generation one.

There are bowlers at all prices, so we advise you to ask a professional for advice.

At the moment you buy it, you only have to install it on the door and gain an extra key in the security of your home. Do not forget to add a shield on the cylinder to protect the internal mechanism and prevent access or removal of the lock.

Includes extra security locks

Another solution that provides more security at the entrance to your home is to add a security bolt and chain to the door. They are older mechanisms, but in any case they reinforce security against theft.

Remember that the objective is not to thwart the robbery, but to gain as much time as possible for the warning of the alarm or those inside the house to call the police.

A bolt installed on the inside of the door, which can be opened or closed from the inside, is an easy and quite effective solution, especially on older doors or doors made of worse materials.

Always use anti-bumping and anti-leverage systems

Always bet on anti-bumping systems, that is, against one of the tricks most used by thieves: bumping.

It is a system of forcing the door through a key that, once inserted into the cylinder, is given a blow to remove the safety pistons from the lock.

In this sense, there is another widespread theft practice that involves prying the lock. For this reason, it is important to get a cylinder that has an anti-bumping and anti-leverage system that prevents access to the house from being so easy.

Put double mortise lock

There are various types of home locks. Another option to reinforce the very effective entrance door is to directly install a second lock on the door.

A double mortise lock greatly increases the security level of your door.

In this case, another lock is installed on the main lock that forces you to have two keys. This improves security prospects and is especially recommended if the idea is to keep the same door for the long term.

Check hinges and door frames

Sometimes, we focus all our effort on the door lock and other elements, such as the hinges or door frames, are the ones that present the greatest vulnerabilities.

Therefore, it is essential that you check each part and component of the door, not just the lock. In the case of hinges, if they are poorly fixed or rusty, they constitute a weak point on your door.

In addition, they must be hinges wide and robust enough to hold the door satisfactorily. In the case of the frame, on many occasions these are just for decoration: the materials have to be good and well fixed.

Digitize your front door

Finally, as a seventh option to reinforce the security of your front door, you can go digital. There are more and more digital locks that avoid a good part of the traditional security problems that we find in a normal door.

The locks cannot be manipulated or forced because everything is controlled from a mobile device, there is no danger of losing keys or theft to gain access. There are many models compatible with artificial intelligence such as Google Home or Alexa.

In these cases, you will be able to open or close the door of the house remotely and know at all times if the entrance is open or closed. You can also establish temporary opening passwords or establish biometric access.



Open doors and windows in the shortest time possible and making as little noise as possible.

So that this does not happen, you must take the necessary measures to reinforce security, the more difficult you make it, the sooner it will give up and interrupt the attack.



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