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    From MULTISERVIHOGAR (distributors and official assemblers), we want to introduce you to the new GSM / WIFI ABREBOX video intercom system for communities, offices and single-family homes.

We have been looking for a system like the one we present to you for a long time. Fortunately, today we can offer our customers the ideal solution.

We say goodbye

  • GOODBYE to costly wiring breakdowns.

  • GOODBYE to indoor breakdown problems.

  • GOODBYE uncertainty if you have visited me while I was away.

  • GOODBYE to conventional systems with a maximum durability of 10 years.

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The description of ABREBOX

Control who calls your home from your smartphone and tablet with Abrebox's smart video intercoms, without the need for cables or telephones inside your home.

Abrebox is installed at the entrance to your property and sends you instant alerts when people press the doorbell of your home. When you answer the call, you can see, hear, speak and open the door to anyone from your smartphone and tablet, wherever you are.

In addition, Abrebox takes automatic photos of all your visits so that you have a history of all of them, with exact date and time.

You can download the app on as many devices as you want for yourself and the rest of your family or tenants.

Whether you are on the couch, on vacation on the other side of the world, in the supermarket, or in your office, Abrebox   allows you to monitor your home from anywhere. Because with Abrebox you are always at home.

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