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For your business

Small businesses are especially vulnerable to theft and vandalism. Video surveillance cameras are the ultimate deterrent solution.

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For your home

Connect from anywhere and find out in an instant what is happening in your home. Through high resolution cameras.


CCTV systems have become the most successful video surveillance and security formula in recent years to protect homes and businesses. Literally, CCTV means Closed Circuit Television, and is nothing more than a visual surveillance system that aims to detect alarm situations, danger, in the vicinity or inside the premises that protects this system.

Having a video surveillance system is effective to ward off potential criminals, an effect that is enhanced if this system is accompanied by an alarm system. CCTVs are typically equipped with fixed or mobile recording cameras that capture images at strategic locations.

If there is a requirement for these systems, that is the quality and sharpness of the images. It would be useless to purchase a set of surveillance cameras connected to a central if the images being recorded lead to confusion. This forces, therefore, to incorporate cameras that record with high quality, even in unfavorable conditions, such as the absence of light, rain or the opposite, too much light.

Technology is one of the great allies of surveillance systems, since in these closed circuits, the images can be seen directly on the central monitors and are recorded for later consultation. The Internet also allows cameras to be connected to an IP network, so images can be viewed at any remote point in real time.

¿What are the advantages of installing security cameras?

Video surveillance systems are a service that is almost essential for companies, but also for individuals. A positive aspect of these security tools is that they offer complete, efficient and flexible solutions, and are very easy to install.

Its expansion in recent years has ended up favoring customers, who have seen how access to these systems has lowered their price. In the market we find CCTV systems practically adapted to all kinds of pockets.

The most outstanding benefits of installing closed television circuits to increase the security of premises are several, including the reduction of thefts. Criminals, most of them, think twice before robbing houses or companies where they have video surveillance systems installed. Sometimes theft is unavoidable, especially in businesses, but with these video surveillance cameras, any access attempt is detected, so that if the theft occurs, these images can be delivered to the police to facilitate the arrest.

That is precisely the second aspect to point out, the rapid detection of the offender. From the images: a robbery, an assault, a crime, you can access the security files and deliver this information to the security forces and bodies.

CCTV systems are especially useful for large businesses, because in these spaces, due to their constant hustle of people, robbery attempts are more frequent. To this we must add that the installation of surveillance cameras helps to reduce the cost in terms of security, and avoids possible further damage. With such a system, it is enough to install a switchboard and hire a security team in charge of monitoring vision, a more practical and safe solution than letting different security guards monitor the facilities themselves, thus avoiding attempts to assault.

The last of the advantages to point out is that these systems can be installed in all kinds of areas: shops, the transport sector to protect employees and passengers from thefts and aggressions, banking and financial facilities, educational and teaching centers, hospitals, public and government buildings, the industrial sector and spaces such as parking lots or sports venues.

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