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OFFER 398 VAT inc.

Installation included.

FERMAX WiFi Video Doorphone with control from your mobile or tablet. Always at home or office.

They work with the new DUOX PLUS technology, a completely digital door entry and video door entry system and technology on two non-polarized wires, which simplifies their installation while maintaining the highest quality in the product and the design.

They include the VEO WIFI DUOX PLUS monitor as standard, equipped with a Wi-Fi connection that allows the forwarding of calls to mobile devices.

Thanks to the Fermax BLUE application, available for free in the Play Store and App Store, the video intercom functions can be managed directly from a mobile or tablet, to connect you to your home, wherever you are. By connecting your DUOX PLUS WiFi monitors with the BLUE app, a range of possibilities will open up. Of all of them, we highlight two that will be key: Diverting calls from the video intercom to your mobile and opening the door of the house remotely.

They also come standard with the Photocaller feature, which automatically captures an image of the caller. If the user decides to activate this function, the monitor stores up to 150 images, indicating the date and time they were taken. When the maximum capacity has been reached, taking a new photo will delete the first one stored. On the screen it always indicates if there are unviewed photos or if the date / time is not set.

The VEO WIFI DUOX PLUS monitor is made of high-impact ABS plastic.

It includes a 4.3 ”(16: 9) color widescreen display.

The unique and exclusive design of the headset incorporates a magnet that makes it easier for the user to position it, ensuring a correct hanging up at the end of the conversation.

Its balanced design with clean lines is distinctive, modern and minimalist.


DUOX PLUS is the new digital technology that exceeds all expectations. Because it makes the difficult easy.

* This offer is only valid for homes with pre-installation and existing wiring.

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