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  • Emergency Electrician

Grupos de Presión Monthly Contract


We carry out a maintenance review per month in which the following tasks are carried out spread throughout the scheduled visits:



  • Visual check of the installation, in case they detect leaks in the pipes.

Distribution panel:

  • The state of the thermal protection and regulation automatic.

  • The alternation of the motors, if there were two or more.

  • The cutting probe due to a minimum level of water in the storage tank.

  • The clock of the bypass solenoid valve and motor switching, if any, for the order of shutdown and start of the electric pumps.

  • Counters and hardware.

Pressure pot:

  • We always check the air pressure inside the boiler membrane, if it is detected that the air level is insufficient, the levels will be corrected.


  • Possible leaks, both from the mechanical seal and from the connections to the suction and delivery pipes.

  • Bearing noise and hydraulic phase.

  • The perfect closure for check valves.

  • The status of the isolation keys.

Accumulator tank:

  • The filling element closes perfectly.


  • We check the maximum and minimum regulation.


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